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More than 7 million people each year experience shoulder pain. If your pain isn’t improving, Anthony Pribila, DSc, and the team at Therapeutic Rehab Specialists provide integrative, noninvasive modalities for shoulder pain, including trigger point therapy, joint mobilization or manipulation, and much more. Call the location closest to you, either in Lakeland, Brandon, or North Pinellas Park, Florida, or book your consultation online.

Shoulder Pain Q & A



What causes shoulder pain?

Shoulder pain often signals the presence of an underlying medical condition or injury. Most shoulder problems fall into four major categories:

Tendon inflammation or tendon tear

A tendon is thick, cord-like tissue connecting your muscles and bones. An injury or degenerative changes can inflame or tear your tendon, resulting in shoulder pain.


Shoulder instability develops when the head of your upper arm bone is forced out of your shoulder socket. Overuse or acute trauma can cause this type of injury.


Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis in the shoulder. Often slow to develop, this condition causes worsening shoulder pain over time.

Fracture (broken bone)

Shoulder fractures can cause excruciating pain. The breaks may involve one or more bones, such as your shoulder blade, collarbone, or upper arm bone.

Shoulder pain also may be triggered by tumors, infection, and nerve-related problems, although this is far less common.


What symptoms accompany shoulder pain?

Your overall symptoms depend on the nature of your injury or underlying health ailment. Besides shoulder pain, you also may notice one or more of the following signs:

  • Swelling
  • Crunching sounds
  • Stiffness
  • Restricted range of motion


Because shoulder pain is associated with several underlying problems, it’s best to set up a consultation with Therapeutic Rehab Specialists before your condition worsens.


How do I find out what is causing shoulder pain?

Therapeutic Rehab Specialists uses a unique, highly successful approach to evaluate and treat shoulder pain. Your practitioner begins with a detailed muscular, joint, and biomechanical exam. 

You can expect them to ask when and how the pain began, any prior experiences and treatments for it, and other questions to help them understand both your overall health and the likely causes of your shoulder pain. They may recommend imaging tests or lab work to confirm your diagnosis. 

Once your practitioner identifies the problem, they focus not only on rehabilitating your condition, but also on preventing future dysfunction that may lead to the recurrence of shoulder pain. 


How is shoulder pain treated?

Therapeutic Rehab Specialists addresses shoulder pain through noninvasive approaches, including: 

  • Muscular trigger point therapy
  • Joint mobilization or manipulation
  • Myofascial soft-tissue mobilization
  • Instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization 


As your shoulder heals, the team at Therapeutic Rehab Specialists recommends targeted exercises to maximize your strength and mobility to help you achieve your full potential.

If you're ready to get to the bottom of your shoulder pain, call today or book a consultation online with Therapeutic Rehab Specialists.