Total Neck Trainer



This patent-pending fully adjustable neck harness quickly hooks up to a cable machine or resistance bands allowing neck exercising from multiple angles to promote strength and active cervical muscular stability. Made from thick neoprene with tough shark skin padding that is woven together with industrial strength thread with steel D and an adjustable O ring. The T.N.T. has lock tight Velcro for accommodating most head sizes by allowing for adjustments for head height and width.

This device allows for strengthening of the neck through progressive resistance exercise with multiple options to work virtually all of the neck musculature with 4 different rings that allows for strengthening the front, side and posterior cervical stabilizer muscles.

T.N.T. ™ allows you to work your neck in a neutral spine position with static holds, dynamic static four way walks to improve spinal stability and perturbation training. You can also work the deep neck flexors and the large muscles of the neck through active resisted.



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Total Neck Video Library



TNT Lateral Bending Exercise w/ Total Neck Trainer



TNT Neck Extension Exercise w/ Total Neck Trainer



TNT Neck Flexion Exercise w/ Total Neck Trainer



T.N.T. Deep deck flexor exercise w/ Total Neck Trainer



TNT Side Walk with Neck Stabilization using Total Neck Trainer



TNT forward walk with neck stabilization



TNT neck stabilization with reverse walk



I's Y's and T's w/ thera-tubing with cervical stabilization using the Total Neck Trainer



Forward punching or boxing with cervical stabilization using the Total Neck Trainer and thera-tubing



Manufactured and sold by Pribila Performance Products, Inc.

Pribila Performance Products is not affiliated with Therapeutic Rehab Specialists and accepts no liability or responsibility for use of the total neck trainer. Before embarking on an exercise program it is recommended to see your physician or medical professional prior to use of the total neck trainer.



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