About Therapeutic Rehab Specialists

The therapists at Therapeutic Rehab Specialists, which was co-founded by Anthony Pribila, PT, DSc, CMPT, CMP, CEAS, in 2007, are trained to assist clients with a variety of needs including joint pain, headaches, and other debilitating conditions. 

The practice proudly serves patients at three locations in North Pinellas Park, Lakeland, and Brandon, Florida. The professionals aim to treat the underlying cause of their clients’ conditions and provide lasting results by emphasizing creative exercise and manual therapy. 

By focusing on adjusting clients’ postures and movement patterns, the therapists address not only the root cause of symptoms, but also prevent future musculoskeletal issues.

Each client receives a comprehensive muscular, joint, and biomechanical assessment. Therapists then use the outcomes of these assessments to develop personalized treatment plans, designed to provide high-level results.

These treatment plans include specialized services such as physical therapy, manual therapy, ergonomic jobsite analysis, pool therapy, NuCalm® stress/sleep therapy, and post-concussion management.

Therapeutic Rehab Specialists recognizes that every client is unique and aims to provide reliable results to everyone. To schedule a consultation at one of the Therapeutic Rehab Specialists locations, call or use the convenient online booking tool today.