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Aquatic Physical Therapy Program

Therapeutic Rehab Specialists offers an aquatic or pool physical therapy program in Lakeland, Florida. Aquatic therapy is provided by a physical therapist in an offsite heated pool. This is an excellent way to minimize joint pain while improving muscular strength, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and balance in a buoyant environment. Because exercising in water is more gentle on your muscles, bones and joints, aquatic therapy can be ideal for those who suffer from arthritis, back pain, are obese, or sedentary. Aquatic exercise can also benefit patients with weak leg muscles, pregnant women, elderly people, or those recovering from an injury or surgery.

Using the special healing properties of water we can often achieve amazing results with conditions often not successful onland. Our Aquatic PT is one of the only therapists in the state of Florida with multiple aquatic therapy certifications.
There is even client access to the pool with a motorized chair lift.

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